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We design a customized audit plan that concentrates on the business areas significant to your financial statements and are critical to your risk profile.

Based on the below strength, we believe that our audit is not only an efficient audit — it is also an effective one:
• Early identification of greater risk areas and focusing our audit effort on them.
• Following professional methodology and documentation approach enable us to deliver a consistent, high-quality audit.
• Excellence in audit execution by applying our audit methodology and tools
• Compliance with the highest professional and ethical standards and quality controls.

We add value by providing practical suggestions to strengthen internal controls, improve operational efficiency, and enhance systems and procedures.


To reach their full potential, it is important that organizations balance out their focus between compliance and business improvement. At P&L we help you assess how your company's internal audit functions compare to common and leading practices in order to align them with the current and future objectives of your audit committee, executive management, and operating units.

Our teams help you identify target areas for performance improvement and make recommendations to achieve a more effective and efficient function that is aligned with your company's needs and expectations.

Internal audit services will be provided by a team different from the external audit services in case both services are provided by P&L to one client.


Anti Fraud Services: Provides an independent and objective assessment of the company's fraud prevention program and assists management in the development/implementation of improvement recommendations.

Corporate Compliance Services: Provides the company with pragmatic approaches for assessing corporate compliance structures, processes and controls against leading practices; identifying gaps and developing action plans for closing them and embedding improved corporate compliance structures and processes throughout the organization.

Investigation Services: Assists a company's internal audit, chief compliance officer and/or inside and outside counsel with fact-finding investigation and analysis of alleged fraud perpetrated against the organization or alleged violations of regulatory requirements. Assists companies and their counsel in determining damages or quantifying losses during discovery related to litigation or pre-litigation issues.



Business owners, who devote most of their waking hours to working IN the business, have little time for working ON the business. P&L offers business growth services designed to help business owners improve profits and increase operational efficiency while enhancing their quality of life.

P&L conducts feasibility and economic studies for many types of startup projects in a variety of industries for small and medium size businesses as well as business planning for existing companies under growth. These studies focused on the economic viability of the proposed projects by means of retrieving valuable market data, conducting financial analysis and projections of expected returns on investment. In addition to start up project studies we also conduct studies for investment and expansion opportunities for existing companies. Moreover, we provide assistance for acquiring the necessary capital funds in the form of loans or investments from financial institutions.

In all financing instances we can provide connections with appropriate sources of capital, business plan document preparation, financial analysis and projections and business valuation.


Aggressive competition, new technologies, global markets, demanding customers, disengaged employees, and worries about the economy are putting unprecedented pressure on many new as well as operating companies.

Our clients come to us because they are facing a defining moment--a challenge or opportunity that forces them to rethink how they do business. We help them define a response to their challenges so they can emerge as a stronger and more capable company with high standards and well structure processes.

Organization and restructuring services include, but are not limited to:
• Policy creation or review
• Processes flowcharts and procedures
• Job descriptions
• Supply chain management
• Strategic cost management
• Cost rationalization

Whether a single intervention or an ongoing relationship for either a new or an expanding business, we partner ourselves with you to help you get to where you want to be by:
• following an assessment process that caters for you needs,
• planning innovative strategies for growth,
• implementing those strategies
• and finally evaluating the progress against predetermined business metrics.


The right transaction can help your business grow, prosper or reinvent itself. We offer integrated, objective advisory services that are designed to help you evaluate opportunities; execute your transactions more efficiently and achieve your strategic goals.

Company and Asset Valuation

A highly specialized and complex field, valuation is definitely an area where you don't go in with the rookie. Our experienced valuation specialists are highly regarded by the accounting and legal community for their expertise in this area. P&L provide a vast range of valuation services including, but not limited to, the appraisals of:
• Businesses
• Equity interests
• Troubled/distressed companies
• Intellectual property (patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets)
• Other intangible assets
• Technology
• Goodwill
• Stock options

Asset Management

Based on the client goals, terms and risk appetite, we at P&L help identify, create and reach innovative investments opportunities.

First, we understand and assess the client's existing assets structure, then we work to develop an assets allocation structure that meet the client's goals and objectives.

Second, we review each client's portfolio on an ongoing basis and evaluate possible adjustments in response to the economic changes, market trends or the client's needs.

Transaction Support

In complex and risky business propositions, the potential for error is high, especially in an environment where speed is critical, resources are limited, and pressure for quick results is great.

P&L assists clients in making strategic decisions. We help clients accelerate transaction value by reducing risks and uncertainty surrounding a transaction, identifying key value drivers and challenging assumptions about future performance, identifying the optimal deal structure, improving the client's negotiating position and minimizing disruptions and surprises, accelerating closing and facilitating a smooth transition and working with management to accelerate transaction value in the critical post-deal period.

Our Transaction Support group provides the following services:
• Due Diligence
• Debt/Equity Offering Support
• Deal Negotiation and Structuring Support
• Transaction Accounting

Business Strategy

P&L offers business strategy services designed to help business owners improve profits and increase operational efficiency while enhancing their quality of life.

Business strategy services include:
• Benchmarking: to help business owners track key performance indicators and compare their results to similar businesses.
• Seminars & workshops: for your management team or your entire workforce to help enhance productivity, efficiency, morale and customer service.
• Strategic ACTION planning to help business owners and their management teams accomplish many of the objectives of strategic planning in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost. The result is a strategic ACTION plan, complete with implementation timetable and assigned responsibilities.
• Performance measurement and management -- to help business owners identify, define, measure and manage the activities that are critical to their business's success. Often a component of a performance-based compensation system, performance measurement and management help ensure that employees are not only doing things right, but that they are doing the right things – things that have a measurable impact on the company's success factors.
• Process mapping -- to help business owners and their teams discover the strengths and weaknesses in their various business processes. Both people and processes affect business results, but most owners do not recognize that 80% of business outcomes are directly related to processes – not people. P&L can assist your team to:
    o Identify the processes that have the greatest impact on your business.
    o Map critical processes to document how work should flow and to uncover inconsistencies in performance.
    o Design and implement process improvements to enhance efficiency, productivity and customer service.
AND much, much more. Based on the size of your company, we can modify our business growth services to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Accounting and Tax


Nothing is more critical to the financial health of your business than good financial information. At P&L, our seasoned accounting professionals can do as much or as little as you need. We can BE your CFO and accounting department, handling everything from writing checks to compiling financial statements. Or we can assist your in-house accounting staff. Adding to this we can provide you with financial analysis outsourcing in a cost efficient manner, enhancing service levels and increasing stakeholder value. The extent of our involvement is up to you.

Business accounting and financial services include, but are not limited to:
• Assisting with accounting software selection, implementation, training and support
• Data entry
• Payroll services
• Preparing budgets, projections & forecasts
• Reconciling bank statements
• Cash flow analysis
• Cash management
• Internal control recommendations
• Training in-house accountant
• General business advice and support
• Providing interim, on-site bookkeepers/controllers
• Financial statement preparation and analysis - monthly, quarterly, and annual management reports
• Financial ratio analysis, break-even analysis, NPV and IRR analysis.
• Analysis of Prospectus, Offer Documents
• Analysis of Portfolio structures
• Ad-hoc reports
• Board of Directors and committees presentations on financial results.
• Financial Research and Analysis
• Training or assisting your internal staff with accounting procedures and software


Getting a good or a bad spot can make a whole lot of difference in the game, and so is getting good or bad tax advice.

Every business decision you make has tax consequences. Our goal is to help you pay the least amount of tax required by law, while meeting your overall financial objectives. By working together proactively, we can help you determine the best tax strategies to achieve your business and personal financial goals.

Tax services for you and your business:
• Tax return preparation
• VAT preparation
• Payroll tax and NSSF preparation
• Income tax planning
• Choice of entity selection
• Deal structuring for favorable tax consequences
• Restructuring designed to minimize state tax liability
• Tax services for individuals