P&L offers professional audit, financial advisory and consultancy, bookkeeping, and tax services to companies and individuals tailored to their size, goals and activities.

P&L caters to mid and small size companies operating in different sectors in Lebanon and the region.

P&L strives to put its expertise at the service of its clients to enhance their activity and reach their goals. We help clients to build business value and personal wealth.

Our goal is not only to keep you in compliance with the regulator and tax authorities, but to help you achieve your business and personal financial goals, so you can do the things you love, and enjoy owning a business.

You can rely on P&L team to help you convert opportunities into successes.

We enjoy the responsibility of being a strong partner with our clients in the business community.

Benefits of Engaging P&L


Our services are led by senior-level executives with at least 12 years of combined experience covering a wide range of industries and holding credentials including Certified Public Accountants and Certified Internal Auditors.


Without the burdensome bureaucracy of mega-firms, P&L can often respond to client needs, make decisions and act quicker than our larger counterparts. Because we have the right team of professionals enjoying flexibility and maneuverability we guarantee a faster response time, in wrapping up all of our engagements without hassles or delays.

Fee structure

P&L provides services at amenable rates. Our policy is to offer transparent and competitive pricing for our clients. At P&L, we work on personalizing solutions for every client in order to closely fit your unique requirements.



The Team

P&L prides in its highly qualified and diversified team in the auditing, financial and risk assessment. The teams' expertise, competence, dedication and unconditioned commitment to the client is the key success to delivering value and overall satisfaction.
Our team members blend-in their extensive know-how in a client company's development. Their deep understanding of its specifics and characteristics, along with their pragmatism and successful unrivalled relationships elevate the company's professional standards and maximize its returns.